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Kremple Consulting Group is the legacy of one of the first executive recruiting firms in the nation.

In 1964 Robert Kremple founded Kremple & Meade. It grew to become a well-respected retained executive search firm with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its clients were blue chip companies such as TRW, Honeywell, Six Flags, Polaroid, Xerox and Lockheed, among many others including mid-sized, small and start-up companies. Prior to the owner's retirement thirty years later, Jeff Kremple, the son of Robert Kremple, began training under the guidance of Kremple & Meade's Director of Research to continue with the research aspect of the executive search business.

Whether it came from the training or talent in the genes, Jeff Kremple's ability to conduct research that hit the bullseye impressed his clients. Kremple's first clients were AT&T and Lucent, and his achievements there quickly led to the growth of his business. In the last several years, Kremple has handpicked and trained a formidable research staff.

The timing of the transition from Kremple & Meade to Kremple Consulting Group coincided with the transition between the Old economy and the New. The high technology explosion has played a major part in defining the clientele of Kremple Consulting Group. Increasingly, Kremple Consulting Group has branched out into other industries and will continue to do so.

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