Our Services

Research and Name Generation

Identifying relevant companies to target is the first step in the process

Based on parameters set forth in the position requirements, input from our client, and industry analysis, we develop a list of target companies. Upon client approval of the target list we launch research. Our deliverable to the Client is name, title, company, location, and contact information including email address and phone number. All names submitted have been directly confirmed by KCG Associates.

Typically, executive search firms or corporations with strong internal recruiting resources will benefit from name generation. The confirmed research list allows recruiters to successfully contact passive candidates.

We also have capability to break out company organizational structures including reporting relationships, and conduct other market intelligence.

Candidate Development and Pre-qualification

Understanding both the client and candidate is essential

Through conversations with our client we gain a deep understanding of your organization, culture and the characteristics of a qualified candidate. We then develop a compelling message to attract passive candidates.

Utilizing the names generated in the research phase we reach out to prospective candidates. After connecting and discussing the opportunity with a prospect that we feel may be qualified, a resume is obtained. Based on our conversation and measuring their experience against the parameters of the job we determine if they may be a fit. In the event we feel there is compelling reason to move forward we introduce to the client a pre-qualified candidate eager for their next conversation with the recruiter, hiring manager or executive search consultant. This introduction includes resume, compensation requirements and a brief assessment of their qualifications.

KCG keeps candidates engaged throughout the entire interview process. We will also sign off or disposition all candidates that hiring manager has decided not to pursue.

Typically, executive search firms or corporations without the internal resources or bandwidth benefit from these services.

Full Reports

Candidate Pipeline Report

Candidates to be presented in a report containing relevant information including an embedded resume, prequalification notes, salary, etc.

Search Summary Statistics

Contains research metrics and current status of candidates.

General Market Feedback

Market response, challenges and intelligence gathered in search to date.

Optional Services

  • Marketing Specification – KCG may be utilized to draft a company and position profile (specification) to be utilized in the marketing of the role to prospective candidates. The specification will give textured insight into the company strategy, goals and culture and clearly express the scope of the position, definition of success and point out what makes this opportunity appealing. The draft specification will be sent to the appropriate party (typically hiring manager) for review, changes and approval.
  • Reference Checks – KCG can complete and submit extensive reference checks for each finalist candidate.