Who are we?

A small, passionate and powerful team

Our approach is unique to the industry as we develop customized solutions to complement our clients’ existing recruiting infrastructure. We help where help is needed versus a “one size fits all” approach. With this flexible model, clients have a variety of options of which to choose.

The cost of these options is structured on an hourly basis rather than fee based. This model provides flexibility and has proven to be far more cost effective. Whether one individual is hired or multiple the cost remains the same.

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History of Success

Finding the right qualified person to fill important positions on your own takes you away from other matters of business that deserve your attention. At Kremple Consulting Group, we have a history of success with challenging search assignments in industries with a secretive culture.

Experienced Researchers

Our insight and experience in developing target company lists will get you the results you need. We employ experienced researchers who use our database, directory and web resources to maximize telephone communication skills that are both bold and refined.

Knowledgeable Consultants

With over 20 years of experience and success recruiting talent for our clients, our small team of executive search consultants have a keen sense of how to develop and deliver qualified candidates that meet both our client’s needs and company culture.

We can save you time and money

We have developed a highly specialized process that produces consistently successful results and offers significant savings in both time and cost for our clients. Kremple Consulting Group has helped hundreds of companies hire the right person for the job.